Suppliers of Hawkesbury River projectiles and WileyX eyewear 

HAWKESBURY RIVER Pistol and Rifle projectiles

For over 25 years Hawkesbury River Bullet Company has been a leader in the projectiles manufacturing business. Understandably we have seen a lot of changes in the industry and have evolved as a company to meet the needs of our customers.

HRCB originally started in the Kirrawee region of New South Wales and operated until 2007. At this time HRBC was operated by Mr Ken Woods, until his passing. Drew Kelvin who was currently the owner of PC Projectiles was approach by the executor of Mr Wood's estate, for an expression of interest to purchase the Hawkesbury River Bullet Company's equipment.

Drew not only purchased the equipment, but also the company name, and in 2008 Hawkesbury River Bullet Company was back in production, in its new location in the lower Hunter Valley of New South Wales and has been progressing in leaps and bounds ever since.

After the changing of hands, the product range of HRBC has expanded and continues to evolved - guaranteeing a projectile configuration to suit most shooters needs while using only the highest quality materials for consistency and overall customer satisfaction.

HRBC also operates a small research and development programme for their products, ensuring customer needs and areas for improvement/expansion are always met and we are constantly expanding our market have become well respected and known amongst shooting communities and individuals both in Australia, and internationally.

Projectiles Plus are now the proud New Zealand Agents for Hawkesbury River Projectiles 

Reloading pistol and rifle calibres for all discipline's  including IPSC, NRA, Service match and Cowboy action. We have a projectiles weight and shape that will fit your needs.